A Young Mother Gives Birth Underwater With Her Own Hands

This moment of giving birth underwater was captured clearly and emotionally by photographer Kathy Rosario. She was fortunate to witness the underwater birth of a friend.

Sharing the series of photos, Kathy Rosario said, “When my friend told me she was planning to give birth at home, I immediately thought of capturing those birth moments.”

“For me, there is nothing more wonderful than seeing a woman give birth with her own eyes, especially when she keeps her spirit at home. Those are moments of peace and happiness when everyone prepares to welcome the baby. I have photographed many birth scenes but never been as comfortable, quiet and gentle as this time at my friend’s underwater birth at home.”

The miraculous changes in a mother’s body during childbirth shown in this series of photos will help you clearly feel that mothers are indeed the bravest warriors on earth.

The young mother stepped into the warm bath and breathed in contractions.

A cool ice cream would help the mother feel less pain, a little less when the contractions come stronger and faster.

The moment when a mother reached out her hand to welcome a new baby was sacred. That’s when the baby made its first cry to greet the world.

She was surprised that she had just successfully delivered a baby with her own hands.

The happiness of a mother when she welcomes the birth of her beloved child

The young mother burst into the joy of motherhood with a lovely baby girl. Before that, she had two sons.

Relax and feed her baby the first drops of breast milk.

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