A Series Of Emotional Photos Of Moms Helping Their Daughters Give Birth

No matter how much ᴘᴀɪɴ you have, you can overcome it. No matter how much you worry about it, it will be reduced. That is the feeling of a daughter when she goes through labour with her mother by her side.

A series of emotional photos below will be a little gratitude for mothers who worked so hard to get us to grow up as we are now.

“She was very confident about her daughter in labour. It was so touching and brought me to tears.” (Vivien Stembridge)

“The mother (grandmother) supports her daughter when she begins to push.” (Monet Nicole)

“This woman is a single mother by choice (her child has a donor father), and her 81-year-old mother has been by her side throughout the entire process, from conception to delivery pregnancy until childbirth. This is their last moment. (Lobke Koppens Geboortefotografie)

“When the doctors suddenly said the baby’s sex, everyone jumped and shouted ‘It’s a boy!’, the mother sobbed as she looked at her daughter, who is also a mother, now as a baby boy with the utmost respect and love.” (Marcy Harris)

“You can feel the love in the room!” (Fermont Fotografie)

“The mother of the mom-to-be flew in at the last minute to perform the delivery. She got there during the transition and quickly came to support her daughter. The most special and wonderful thing about this story is the mother who gave birth to her daughter at home at 30 years of age.” (Samantha Noel Photography)

“First time mother and first time grandmother. The expression of pride is powerful, beautiful and pure. (An Van Eycken)

“This brought me to tears. What a loving mother and father!” (Dianne Hamre)

“After all the strength and endurance she passed on to her daughter as she gave birth all night, it was all over. She fell back and completely let go and was overcome by emotion. And I can hardly keep my camera still.” (Ashley Marston Photography)

“A mother’s love is reflected by the strength of her daughter.” (Light the Way Doula Service)

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