A Photographer Creates The Funniest Scenes While Her Twins Sleep

Childhood is the best stage of our life. Our only problems are based on getting to know the new amusement park, watching cartoons, playing ball, and getting good grades to get a pet.

The Japanese photographer Ayumi Omori did not want her beautiful twins to be left without the greatest adventures, and for this reason, she has recreated a series of photographs where her creativity falls in love with the whole world, and her more than 16 thousand followers on Instagram prove it.

While her children sleep, Ayumi creates great adventures

The perfect book heist

The problem of finding the right size

This is extreme!

I call this terror

Somebody turn off that alarm clock

We are ready for the next adventure

The beautiful secrets that the garden keeps

Moving has never been easy

They just wanted to be like mom

The guests have arrived!

When the dolls come to life

This is going to get ugly

The best teamwork ever

They also have super powers

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