A Mother Of Twins Lost Weight In Three Weeks By Doing Only One Thing

Fashion model Sonya Sanchez is rightfully proud of her slim figure. After all, just a year ago, she became the mother of lovely twins and very quickly lost weight after childbirth, thanks to a special method of losing weight. Of course, it was not without sports and proper nutrition, but the main secret of her harmony lies elsewhere. So, how did a young mother manage to get in shape just 3 weeks after giving birth?

Sonya admits that she was very afraid to get better during pregnancy.

“I have always been thin and could not imagine myself plump. I was scared that after giving birth my husband would not accept my new body and go to another. Therefore, I thought in advance how I would lose weight after giving birth,” the girl said.

When Sonya’s twins were born, the girl noticed that her body had not changed for the better. She gained a lot in the abdomen, and stretch marks appeared on her thighs. The frustrated girl was already looking after herself on strict diets, but she was rescued… breastfeeding!

It should be noted that Sonya’s twins were born prematurely, so they had to be fed every hour. And now, after a week of intensive breastfeeding, Sonya noticed that her body was gradually returning to its previous shape, and the extra kilos were disappearing!

“When you breastfeed your baby, the stomach shrinks a little, which helps the uterus shrink faster. Add here also 2 premature babies who require milk every hour, and we have the perfect weight-loss secret!” explained the young mother.

Sonya fed her twins not only at home, but also in public places. And now, after 3 weeks, the girl finds herself as slim as she was before giving birth. Simply amazing!

“Breastfeeding has been a huge benefit to me and my sons. But before, I thought that GW, on the contrary, would ruin my body. Who would have thought that everything would turn out like this?” Sonya confessed.

Now the happy mom can again pose in swimsuits, open tops and short shorts. By her example, she inspires other mothers not to give up breastfeeding but to get the most out of it. And it’s worth listening to!

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