A Mother Of Seven Children Has Received Criticism That She Will Never Be Happy If She Has So Many Children

People tend to give everyone an opinion about why they have so many or so many children all the time and without being asked. If you have one child, when will the little brother come? If you have two sons, you should also give birth to a daughter, and if you don’t have one, then you can’t imagine how you can live without children.

Children, like many other parts of our lives, are a private matter. Parents must decide for themselves how many children they want. That is why a mother of seven was shocked when after already having six children and announcing that she was pregnant again, she received very harsh ᴄʀɪᴛɪᴄɪsᴍ.

Social media star Ariel Tyson had six sons when it was revealed she was pregnant again with a daughter. The 34-year-old mother announced the wonderful news on Instagram, but not all her followers shared her joy.

“You will never be happy if you give up your life to raise 7 children,” wrote one commenter. That was the comment that, frankly, blew the fuse in Ariel.

Tyson and her husband Michael always knew they wanted many children because they wanted to raise them in a busy household. Tyson had three siblings while his partner had four as children, so they knew what it was like to have many siblings.

“By having so many children, I haven’t lost anything at all. In fact, I’ve only gained, since I have exactly the kind of family I’ve always dreamed of. How many children do you think is “enough”?” the recovering mother retorted.

“I could never be happy if I gave up my life to raise 7 children,” she added.

Ariel loves her family, gives her children everything they need, takes care of them a lot, and even chose to homeschool them instead of the school system.

She herself was homeschooled at the time and feels that it had many advantages. She studied much easier and faster than her peers, finishing high school and university a year earlier than the others.

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