A Mother Of 11 Children Defends The Position Of Her Large Family

An American woman with 11 children defends her large family from the ᴄʀɪᴛɪᴄɪsᴍ of others. She says that their family is the same as everyone else’s.

Britney Church, 31, gave birth to her first daughter at 16. Since then, she has had 10 more offspring. The woman wants to give birth to at least four more babies if the rest of the family does not mind.

This unusual mother does not care about the opinions of others who believe that the life of their family is in complete chaos. In addition, she does not rely on social benefits for parents with many children.

Britney says that the life of a mother of many children is difficult not only because of the problems associated with raising a large number of children, but also because there is a stereotype in society about large families. The woman explains that they do not survive thanks to handouts from the state, do not consider themselves ignorant, and do not belong to a religious sect, although they believe in God.

According to stereotypes, the life of a large family is not as noisy and chaotic as it is commonly thought to be. Britney and her 25-year-old husband, Chris, spend about $300 a week on groceries. They buy 600 diapers and 66 packs of milk. Despite the expenses, the mother of many children wants to give birth to four babies, but only if the other children agree to this.

The family lives in Arkansas City, Arkansas, where Britney gave birth to her first daughter, Krizman, just after she turned 16. Married to their first husband, they had four more children, but in 2010, the couple broke up. After the divorce, the woman began to live a free life and, in 2012, unexpectedly became pregnant with her sixth child. For three years, she raised six children alone, and in 2014, she met her current husband, Chris. The couple had five more children together.

Last year, the youngest triplets were born.

Despite the fact that Britney is constantly surrounded by her large family, she admits that she also had difficult moments of loneliness. By her example, the woman hopes to help other mothers who are also in a difficult situation.

The American mom wants others to understand that they are the same people as everyone else and does not condemn mothers with many children for believing in stereotypes.

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