A Louisiana Couple Welcomes Their 2nd Set Of Identical Twins: “Still In Disbelief!”

When you consider how much energy it takes to raise just one child, it’s hard to imagine that parents who have twins will prosper. It is enough to think only of the overturned nights and the constant attention, all this must be multiplied by two. Nevertheless, any parent who has twins will most likely not highlight the double difficulties but the double dose of love when asked about their experiences.

And in the case of the lucky Louisiana couple, we can talk about four times as much love.

The birth of twins is relatively rare compared to the number of babies born each day around the world. But having two twin couples in a single couple is an almost rare occurrence. In the case of Erin and Jake Credo, however, that is exactly what happened.

The couple reportedly needed a little help to get pregnant six years ago, but when they finally succeeded, identical twins were born: Cooper and Grant.

They were uncertain about the other children, but, as usual, fate had other plans in store for them. Erin became pregnant with new children naturally, which they did not ever expect.

In addition, the first ultrasound revealed that Erin was expecting another pair of twins. Jake was so confused when Erin sent him the picture that he thought his wife had sent him a picture of Cooper and Grant years earlier by mistake. The woman simply replied, “No. This is the second round.”

“We were a little insecure about having more kids because I didn’t want to relive it all. I had never in my life thought I would have four children. I still can hardly believe it,” Erin said.

“When I went for the ultrasound, I didn’t even know what to say. I sent a picture of the ultrasound to my husband, and he asked, “Are these boys? We were obviously excited. We’ve been through this before. You could only say what it was like to have twins,” she added.

Regarding how rare their case is, Dr. Cliff Moore, who oversaw Erin’s pregnancy, said, “Of the 111,111 pregnancies, only about 1 case produces a second identical twin pair. To put this into perspective, we help the world with about 8,000 babies a year here in the hospital, which means we see something like this once in 15 years.”

Erin and Jake were able to greet their little girls on September 22, 2020. Identical twin girls are named Lola and Allie. Because they were born in the 32nd week of pregnancy, they had to spend a few days in the premature ward, but eventually they could go home and meet their brothers.

“Cooper and Grant always snuggle up. The other day, Grant fell asleep in our bed and Cooper put a kiss on his forehead,” Erin said. “The bond between identical twins is unparalleled.”

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