A Little Charmer! This Is What A Baby Born With A Heart On Its Forehead Looks Like Today

Remember when a newborn captured the world’s attention in 2017 because of his birthmark?

Little Çinar was born with a birthmark in the shape of a heart on his forehead and instantly became one of the most wanted and loved babies in the world.

Turkish parents Murat and Ceyda Engin couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw their newborn son Çinar. They loved Çinar’s special birthmark from the first minute.

In a matter of days, the little one became a huge sensation, and everyone wanted to take a picture with him and his heart-shaped birthmark or simply touch him for good luck.

The little boy is a real star on the Internet, where most of the commenters love the special birthmark, but there have also been users who tried to comfort and encourage the parents because they didn’t know that they saw their son’s distinguishing mark as a real blessing.

“It will fade over time, so don’t worry, my son had a similar spot on his chest and now, 18 years later, it’s gone,” she wrote.

Çinar continues to bring smiles to people’s faces. “Fantastic kid! I’m in the hospital with my dad, and he lifted my heart,” one user wrote after seeing pictures of the little boy.

Parents have always raised their son to accept and love himself, and luckily, most of the feedback is a similarly positive message.

Today Çinar is 6, having fun, running, playing and laughing. Doctors are hopeful that the scar for which he became so famous will disappear by age 8.

He’s very cute, isn’t he?

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