A Funny Dad And His 9-Month-Old Daughter Conquered Social Networks With The Most Hilarious Photos Of All Time

Many dads take pictures with their children, but in the afternoon, by the fire, you will not find someone like Sholom Ber Solomon from sunny California. His joint photographs with his daughter can be called a separate art form.

Sholom Ber Solomon, 36, is a young dad from California who doesn’t need to be coaxed into paying attention to his 9-month-old daughter Zoe. The couple are having a great time dressing up for their hilarious photo shoots.

Sholom owns a vintage furniture store and has long been into dressing up and making funny photos. However, he used to do it alone, and now he has a partner in the form of an equally charismatic and simply charming daughter. Sholom said, “I plan to continue this fun as long as Zoe allows it.”

Once Sholom noticed that his daughter feels comfortable in front of the camera and she even likes it. A little by little, he began to come up with funny situatuions and give the main role to his daughter.

“With her, the pictures become cute and funny. Without her, I’m just a fat guy who likes to take stupid pictures,” he added.

In his free time, the California dad comes up with new scenes for photo shoots and orders costumes online. Sholom admits that Zoe is a cheerful and extremely smiling child.

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