A couple in Colorado experienced the joy of welcoming perfect quadruplets into the world.

Hannah and Ted worked hard for five years to have a baby. Even trying IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and fertility treatments. After nothing had taken effect, they began looking into adopting a child, but decided on one last treatment to have a biological baby. They decided to have an IUI (Intrauterine Insemination). Their doctor told them that an IUI was not very likely to work after failed IVF, but they decided to go for it anyway.

Success – They are expecting!

At their follow up appointment, the doctor was able to find three beautiful heartbeats. Overjoyed, they begun planning for triplets. Then at their 8-week checkup, they were amazed again to find another heartbeat snuggled behind one of it’s siblings. Ted and Hannah were expecting quadruplets!

Fast forward through their pregnancy, Hannah carried all four babies to 32 weeks and 4 days! What an amazing feat for quadruplets! One boy, and three girls born on January 22, 2018! In birth order Harry, Catherine, Frances and Helen – all named after members of their family.

The babies did have a NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) stay, mostly to learn how to eat. They left the NICU in record time and are now just over three months old (one month adjusted to their due date) and doing extraordinarily well.

The Fair Four’s Newborn Session

Once we set a date for these beautiful babies to come into my Brighton studio, I began to plan a session fit for these miracles. They told me that they really love simple and timeless images and they wanted me to be as creative as I wanted with a custom setup designed just for them

After thinking about it for several days, I wanted to show them close to nature pulling in colors that the family likes. So, with Hello Baby Photography giving me some nature inspiration I went searching for the perfect items.

Showing their Individualism

While these quads will forever have the connection of sharing their mama’s womb, and have many similarities, it was important to me to show that each baby is unique with their very own personality. So, I planned to have each baby be in a different kind of basket for one of their images together.

In order: a leaf, twigs, wicker and bark. Each baby being part of the whole, while being different. My favorite part is miss Helen being awake, as their mama tells me she is often awake while her siblings sleep. It was so wonderful to see this vision come to life around these new babies.

Of course, I also made sure that we gave mom and dad the option to have timeless images as well! We chose a simple tan blanket and let each baby both be different in their own color wrap as well as the same in white wraps.

These babies are perfection and I am so honored to be able to give this family something wonderful to cherish as they all continue to grow together.

I knew that I would need a few extra hands to safely move through this session, from helping to sooth to spotting each baby to making sure they stayed safe at every moment. Brittany Gambin from Brittany Gambin Newborn Photography, Jamie Herrera from Jamie Herrera Photography and DeAnna Weyhrich from Weyhrich Birth Photography  all volunteered their time to assist me. I cannot thank them enough for all they did with me throughout this session, I could not have done it all without them.

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