A Child Has Always Dreamed Of A Little Brother, And The Joy Is Infinite When He Can Finally Hug Him

Children are the most pure and spontaneous of all: many of them look at the world with a curious eye and completely trust their parents’ advice, appreciating the care lavished on them by great-grandmothers as well as parents and uncles. Many of them, in fact, say they would like to have a new gift toy or a pet, while others decide to push the envelope a bit by asking for mountains of toys and video games. But not little Mikey, only six years old, who just wanted a little brother. He was aware that his life would be better with a brother by his side.

It had become a fixed idea. He always asked his parents if they could give him a little brother. In the meantime, he was hosting events and setting aside activities and games to share, such as matching Halloween costumes, Cartoon Night, Taco Thursday, and more. He was ready to become the perfect big brother: “He even insisted once that his mother eat chicken wings so that his little brother had the same red hair as him,” comments Michael, his father.

He and his wife Jessica tried their best, but ran into some difficulties, which prompted them to be honest with Mikey and explain to him that it wasn’t that easy having a brother and that there was a possibility that his wish would not come true. Little Mikey was incredibly understanding. He was silent for a moment to think and immediately reassured his parents that there was no problem as he still had their dog, Dillinger. This gesture, so sweet and so mature, soothed the hearts of the whole family.

A few weeks after this tender conversation, Jessica learned that she was pregnant. The parents were over the moon, but Mikey literally cried with joy, expressing his excitement for the arrival of his much-desired baby brother. Baby Jake’s birth was a bit of a hassle, but in the end everything went well, except the newborn needed a lot of skin-to-skin contact.

The skin-to-skin contact between the brothers was a success and now the two brothers are very close. “When Jake hears Mikey’s voice his little head turns to look at him. Mickey was the first one Jake smiled at and the only one who can make Jake smile.”

As soon as he saw him, Mikey reached out to take his little brother without hesitation. The first weeks of Jake’s life were characterized by his big brother’s warm hugs. Although these are difficult days, little Jake must consider himself extremely lucky: he will grow up alongside a big brother who is ready to protect him and be his best friend.

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