A 33-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth To The Heaviest Twin Brothers In England

The heaviest twins in the history of the country were born in Great Britain. The total weight of twin babies exceeds 16lbs. During the delivery, the midwives were amazed at the size and weight of the twins.

The total weight of the twins was 16lbs 2oz. The first born boy named Joseph weighed 8lb 7oz, and his brother Luke weighed 7lb 11oz. They are recorded as the heaviest twins in the history of England. Usually, the total weight of twins does not exceed 5 lbs.

“The doctors expected the twins to weigh about five or six pounds each. But the birth of my children was a surprise for them. When I was giving birth, I could hear the doctors’ voices of amazement. That’s why I was nervous,” says Fay Gardiner, 33, mother of the twins.

Mrs Gardiner, who lives with her 32-year-old husband Simon, an insurance fraud investigator, and two big sons, Callum, ten, and Joshua, six, was overjoyed to learn she was expecting twins. It did explain the gigantic bump she had been carrying. “When they told me their weights I couldn’t believe it. My bump became so enormous that I couldn’t even stand or walk properly. I had to spend the last few weeks on crutches as it was so heavy,” she added.

There is no fault in the health of the twins. According to their mothers, both of them have a good appetite. The parents of the babies said that they felt happy and did not believe many of the stories about their children’s weight.

The Scotland’s largest twins were born to Alanna Merrie, at a combined weight of 17lb. And the world’s heaviest twins weighed a total of 27lbs 12oz and were born to Mary Ann Ward.

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