A 3-Year-Old Meets Her Little Brother For The First Time, And Her Joy Is Indescribable!

The moment when the oldest child in the family meets his new sibling is always special. Parents are excited about the new member, but at the same time they are anxious about the reaction of the firstborn.

The older sibling, again, who has learned to be the center of the family, is anxious for the “next day” when a tiny creature pulls all the spotlight on her!

At the same time, she is looking forward to meeting his little brother, with whom she will share her toys, play pranks together, and have a common face towards their parents, while at the same time she will take care of him and admonish him as an older sister.

This is exactly what 3-year-old Everly feels in the video below. In particular, the little girl has just met her new brother, Logan, and her excitement is so great that… She made the internet all over!

Watch the unforgettable moment this big sister meets her baby brother HERE.

Three-year-old Everly’s reaction to seeing her baby brother Logan for the first time is putting smiles on faces and tugging at the hearts of people all over the internet.

The little one caresses him gently, can’t wait to hold him in her arms, and worries about his… diaper.

“Getting to watch her little face see him for the first time, I don’t think my heart could take anymore. It quite literally felt like it was going to explode,” the mother recounted. “It was just a really magical moment. We weren’t really sure how it was gonna go because she’s always been an only child. She just seems to love every second of it, honestly. So we’ve been just really blessed with getting to watch the wonderful side of her being a big sister and watching her fall into that role quite naturally.”

It was such a heartwarming scene, and to witness the sweet moment of the sister meeting her baby brother for the first time is just priceless.

We wish for them to always be so loving and close to each other, and that Everly will be the “best big sister in the world!”

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