A 1-Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome Meets Newborn Sister For The First Time And Cries Every Time She Is Taken Away

The mother, Ashlyn Williams, 33, was concerned that her son, Brooks, 1, who has Down syndrome, might be jealous of his sister’s arrival. However, she was in for a surprise: He couldn’t stop smiling at his new baby sister.

The adorable footage shows the moment a one-year-old boy with Down syndrome meets his newborn sister for the first time and started to cry whenever she was taken away. The meeting took place at home and, fortunately, was recorded by the family.

When her mother, Ashlyn Williams, 33, from Arkansas, in the United States, placed the baby in her father’s lap, Logan, 33, Brooks’ joy was visible. The little one kept smiling at Collyns. However, it was enough for the mother to take the baby away, the boy started screaming. “Do you want her back? Okay, okay, okay, okay,” asked the mother, returning the girl to her father’s arms.

In an interview, the mother of seven, Ashlyn, said that, before giving birth, she was worried that Brooks would be jealous of her youngest. However, the meeting, which took place a few days ago, moved the whole family. “Can I just say they will be best friends? We weren’t sure how Brooks would react to having a baby around or if he would be jealous of having to share the attention. But it was really cool, he loves her so much already. He’s such a sweet boy, and we were so happy with his reaction. When he met her at the hospital, he reacted exactly the same, so we had to record this time,” admitted the mother.

The video had more than 3,000 shares on Facebook. Watch the adorable moment when little Brooks meets his sister below:

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