94-Year-Old Great-Grandfather Meets His Great-Grandson For The First Time And Begins To Speak After Not Saying A Word For Months

The story of the 94-year-old man with Alzheimer’s has been seen by over a million people on Tiktok.

The video was shared by Jamie Glassman, a young mother from Los Angeles. The woman posted a clip in which she introduces her baby to her husband’s grandfather, Sylvan Lake. The elderly man, who had been silent for months due to Alzheimer’s, reacted in a way that left everyone speechless.

The 94-year-old’s first great-grandchild had a genuine healing effect on him, so much so that he began to speak again after a long period without saying a single word. Of course, everyone who saw the story was moved, but the person who felt the strongest and most genuine emotions was the main character himself, namely the great-grandfather.

Face to face with the little girl, the older man relished every pat on the cheek she gave him and was so moved that he was able to express himself in a way he hadn’t done in a long time. The love of a child can clearly be pure therapy.

“When he saw her, he lit up and started talking,” says Jamie, who continues:

It was incredible and very emotional; he couldn’t stop. As soon as my baby came into his life, he went back to living in a way we hadn’t seen him do in a long time.

You can watch the touching video for yourself below:

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