7 Mistakes We Make When Diapering The Baby

If you have a baby, it is more than likely that the task of changing diapers is a constant in your day. Are you doing it correctly? Go through this list of common mistakes and make sure of it.

Putting the diaper on the baby may sound like something basic for every mother and father. However, as they say, no one is born knowing everything. While some will be able to do this with their eyes closed, some may need a little more practice in incorporating this everyday task.

Despite what is often believed, it is not something that only some fathers suffer from, nor only those who are not very convinced of the idea of ​​motherhood or fatherhood. This aversion leads to a lack of practice. As a consequence, when having a child, there are not a few who find themselves facing a real problem. Thus, they tend to make these common mistakes when putting the diaper on the baby.

Like all newbies, some parents are prone to making mistakes when changing the baby. Here are some of them:

  1. Not having everything ready

Once the baby is put on the changing table to remove the dirty diaper and put on a new one, we need to make sure we have everything we need. That is, a clean diaper and wet wipes to clean it. In case we use special creams or powders, liquids are better than dry ones, we must also have them nearby.

The reason for this suggestion is that, under no circumstances, do we have to leave the baby alone. Although he is still small, he can take advantage of any carelessness to move and this could cause a painful fall.

  1. Adjust it too much or too little

Ideally, the diaper is well attached to the child’s body. However, this does not mean that you should practically cut off circulation. If there’s a mark that’s too pronounced when you take it off, try to tighten it less the next time.

The other extreme is not good either: if it is not put on correctly, the baby will end up with the diaper on the floor. For everyone’s sake, pray he’s clean if this happens. To avoid problems, always make sure that the size you wear is correct.

  1. Cleaning it the wrong way

In addition to making sure we remove every speck of dirt from her private parts, we also need to make sure we do it the right way. When the baby has gone from body, the ideal is to clean it backwards; Otherwise, the appearance of infections could be favored.

  1. Taking too long

At this point, we are referring, first of all, to taking a long time to replace the diaper once the baby has pooped. With urine it is not so much a problem, since today’s diapers are usually very absorbent; however, fecal matter can be harmful if we leave it for a long time, since it contains many bacteria.

On the other hand, it is also not advisable that you extend the process of putting the baby’s diaper too long. In addition to the fact that the little one may be a little cold, you will leave the door open to a possible sudden leak of urine that can reach you or the bed.

  1. Not having a change of clothes always available

This is not an option, but a necessity. Although he wears diapers, you have to anticipate that there may be transfers and stains that will easily dirty his clothes.

Therefore, always try to have a change of clothes on hand in case of doubt. If you leave home, you should not only take the bag with diapers and hygiene items; make sure you also have a few spare clothes.

  1. Put too much cream

Although moisturizing and protective creams are very good for your skin, we should not overdo it. Anyone who has ever used sunscreen or another type of cream knows how aggravating it is to apply too much.

This would generate a sensation of humidity that could make the baby uncomfortable. In addition, we run the risk of dirtying the clothes and, worse still, hindering the effect of the product.

  1. Buy lots of newborn diapers

These are usually found on sale along with other items you’ll need in your baby’s first few days, like baby wipes, a bottle, and creams. However, we must not get carried away by excessive enthusiasm: the reality is that diapers for newborns end up being useless after a short time.

Although everything depends on the growth of the little one, it is better to buy them as you need them. Of course, always considering that you must have some reserves for the weekends.

Especially for new parents, these diapering mistakes and other aspects surrounding diapering will sound very familiar. You should not feel bad because nobody is perfect and everything is learned as you go. Every day that passes is another day in the wonderful experience of being parents.

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