6 Reasons Being A Mom Of Twins Is The Happiest In The World

The mothers of twins are magical. We can multiply prices by two automatically. We have developed the superpower to look with our left eye to the left and our right eye to the right at the same time. We lift a friend’s single stroller… and we are surprised at its lightness.

Along with the day-to-day hurdles having two babies at once brings, there is also the guilt you carry thinking you aren’t able to give your twins what singleton babies get, like cuddling them to sleep at nap time, carrying them around all day, or simply having one-on-one time with them. No matter how stressful being a twin mom can be at times, it is also the most amazing privilege.

And we know for sure: The mother of twins is the happiest person in the world. At least twice! Do you want to know why?

  1. Double the love

Although “double trouble” is at times an irritatingly true saying (although we would never admit that when the tenth person that day says it to us), you also get double the love. All of the amazing love and joy you feel when you look at your baby, when they smile at you, hold your hand, give you a cuddle or kiss. Twin moms get twice in one go, and it feels amazing.

  1. The twin bond

The bond twins share is breathtaking, even as tiny babies we could see the bond between our identical twin boys and it has only become stronger as they have grown. Listening to them chatter “twinglish” at one another, clearly understanding and replying to what is being said, is unreal. They seek each other out when with other children and are quiet when apart. They hold hands when seated in their high chairs and they cuddle up to each other in their cot at night.

It is an honor to watch a twin bond develop in front of your eyes every day. Their bond will be something no one will ever understand unless they too are twins.

  1. Experiencing milestones twice

The first smile, the first laugh, the first wave, the first word, the first cuddle, the first “kisses,” the first crawl, the first steps – the joy of each and every milestone you experience with your baby is gifted to a twin mommy and daddy twice. We get to cherish double the memories and feel double the pride for all of these incredible moments.

  1. Double the fun

No matter how much hard work being a parent is, it is also the most unbelievable fun. Having twins means you get double the giggles, double the silly games, double the laughter and double the fun.

  1. Cute outfits

Of course, it is also super cute and exciting to dress twins. Whether you do identical outfits, color-coordinated outfits or completely non-matching outfits, there’s no one out there who doesn’t love buying baby clothes and dressing their children in gorgeous outfits. Although it is naturally double the cost-boo! – it is also double the fun.

  1. A ready-made best friend

Twins have spent every second together since conception. They know each other inside out and they find each other hilarious. Of course, they can annoy each other (especially when one steals the other’s dummy or sneaks the last piece of chocolate off their high chair), but for the most part, they are the best of friends.

Living with your best friend means you always have someone to play with so, unlike when I had my eldest and I had to play with and entertain him constantly, the twins are happiest in each other’s company, making each other laugh and discovering the world together through one another’s eyes. Being a twin means you will never feel lonely. You will go to nursery school and grade school with your best friend, and you will always have someone by your side.

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