6 Of The Most Beautiful Self-Portraits Of Stretch Marks

During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through a fascinating transformation that results in the birth of a baby. After giving birth, she begins a stage of recovery and healing for that same body, in which all those changes have left some stretch marks on it.

Stretch marks in motherhood are a physical reminder of how our remarkable bodies change, grow, and literally stretch to accommodate life. They represent the ultimate love.

Motherhood is not an easy job. It’s not always glamorous either. We love a good self-portrait, and these stunning snaps showcasing the variety and beauty of “stretchies” are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

“Being a mother of two is an incredible blessing and I thank my body every day. Thank you for allowing me to be present with my children and to put creating art to one side as I once again transition to motherhood, this time as a mother of two.” – Morgan-Roberts Illustrations

“This week I got the sweetest comments about how seeing me feeling confident in my body – stretch marks and all – made other women feel like they could do the same.” – Kam Explains It All

“I am a firm believer that we need to break the mold on how our postpartum bodies should look. After I had Rhys, I had a really difficult time accepting how I looked. I had stretch marks covering my stomach and thighs. My hair was a frizzy mess from postpartum hair loss and from constantly being put up in a bun. I had so much loose, sagging skin that I couldn’t get rid of, no matter how much I worked out or how healthily I ate. I needed a change so badly that I dyed my hair black with box dye. Goodness knows what on earth I was thinking.”

“I remember taking this picture and thinking that I’d never post it. Now it’s one of my most favourite photos of my pregnancy with the twins. I see the chaos of life with a toddler. I see the story of growing three humans across my very large stomach. I see the joy on both of our faces. I can still hear the music playing that we were dancing to. And the smell of dinner cooking in the oven. I can remember this moment so vividly. A moment I thought I would forget, frozen in time.” – Kelly Bailey

“30+ pounds heavier, and stomach stretched with dozens and dozens of tiger stripes – but regardless of the extreme changes my body has endured, I have never felt more empowered.” – Christine Cote

“These photos were taken just hours before giving birth and showcase the pure strength and power of a woman’s body.” – Prescila Furtado

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