6 Interesting Facts About Babies Born In November

If your due date is in November, you and your baby are very lucky. Read what research says about babies born this month.

November is the time when it is not very cold yet, but the temperatures have started to drop, the time when everyone slowly turns towards home and warmth. The month a baby is born will affect her entire life and even some aspects of her personality, at least that’s what scientists say. Here are six interesting facts about babies born in Member:

  1. It weighs more during childbirth

Children born at this time of the year usually have a higher birth weight, but even during childhood their weight is higher compared to children born in the summer. Research from Harvard shows that children born in colder months are taller and heavier at the age of seven.

  1. They are likely to be good athletes

Research on the sports ability of schoolchildren shows that children born in November have the most sports ability. Children born in this month often performed 10 to 15 percent better than other peers in athletic skills.

  1. They are more likely to go to bed earlier

Children born in spring and summer generally go to sleep later than children born in autumn and summer. Scientists suggest that babies born in November will not be night owls like their peers who were born in the spring (this is certainly good news for any mom who is expecting her baby and may already be feeling tired).

  1. They have a lower risk for some diseases

According to research from the University of Oxford, babies born in November have a lower chance of suffering from multiple sclerosis. Also, research shows that they are less likely to suffer from heart problems or lung cancer.

  1. They are more likely to be left-handed (if boys)

According to research from the University of Vienna, babies born in November are more likely to be left-handed. The survey included 13,000 adults; 7.5 percent of women and 8.8 percent of men were left-handed. When checking birth dates, the researchers found that the largest number of left-handed men were born in November.

  1. They are more likely to live longer

Scientists from the University of Chicago have proven that children born in this year have a great chance of living to their hundredth birthday.

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