29-Year-Old Woman Had First Child At 17, And Is Expecting Her Ninth Child

Yalancia Rosario is 29 years old and has already had eight children. On her Instagram profile, she announced another pregnancy. Ultimately, she would like to have twelve kids. “I would probably go crazy with such a group of kids” – comments the Internet user.

Yalancia Rosario of Dallas, Texas maintains an Instagram profile that focuses on various aspects of family life and has over 72 thousand followers. Compared to other mothers, she stands out with a really large family. The 29-year-old is known as the “Octomama” because she has eight children. However, she has become pregnant again and will soon welcome the ninth consolation in the world.

She was only 17 when their first child was born, and they’ve continued to grow their family ever since.

“They always tell me I look too young to have such a family! I finished high school with great results before my first son was born at the age of 17, then I moved to Indiana and got my undergraduate education, all while expanding my family. Then we moved to Dallas for better opportunities,” Yalancia wrote on the family’s Instagram page.

So far, the young mother has only given birth to sons: 12-year-old Michael Jr, 8-year-old Angelo, 6-year-old Armani, 5-year-old Prince, 3-year-old Sincere, 1-year-old Armani and only 5-month-old Gimani. The boy will also be the ninth consolation, and her husband Michael dreams of a girl. That is why the couple is convinced that they will not stop at the happy nine.

Yalancia Rosario admitted that she felt well during pregnancy. On her Instagram profile, she shared the effects of the photo session. She posed with her husband and a group of children wearing a spectacular purple dress. A lot of comments appeared under the photos.

When asked by an Internet user if she intended to have a dozen or so children, Yalancia replied that she would probably have twelve. Then the woman replied that she must be able to bear pregnancy very gently. Criticism appeared among those who commented on the 29-year-old’s photos. “It was normal 50 years ago,” another observer claimed.

Someone asked if they were renting a special bus, thanks to which they were able to accommodate such a group of people. However, the 29-year-old also gained a large number of fans who wrote that she had a wonderful family and that Yalancia appears to be blossoming in her next pregnancy.

“Beautiful family. I believe people should have as many children as they want. I have friends who don’t want any, and friends who talk about kids all the time. Your family is your business.”

“I would probably go crazy with such a group of kids, but this is a really beautiful family.”

“We have sixteen children. We love having a great family. It is not for everyone, but it is for us. You look gorgeous,” – commented.

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