28-Year-Old Woman Gave Birth To 6Kg “Giant” Baby With No Pain Relief

A boy who was born weighing six kilograms, leaving doctors speechless. This is the heaviest baby in Blacktown Hospital. This particular hospital is based in Western Sydney. The baby’s name is Parker Bell. He came into the world recently. In fact, he was born earlier than he should have been.

His mother is 28 years old. She felt really proud of her son, and during the birth she did not face any particular problems. The birth was painless and without ᴄᴏᴍᴘʟɪᴄᴀᴛɪᴏɴs for the mother. As for the mother, she didn’t know the actual weight of the fetus she had been carrying for so long, stating: “I think all births hurt, whether the baby is 2 kg or 6 kg.”

Pleasant was the reaction of mothers, who decided to congratulate the 28-year-old mother’s effort on the internet. In fact, one of them went ahead with a related post on social media, stating: “This little baby weighs more than two twins together.”

On the contrary, another mother pointed out: “The woman’s body is amazing! Congratulations to the mother, but also to the hospital staff who helped this mom deliver her baby.”

Then, after the baby was born, both his proud parents and his older sister, who goes by the name Maddison, decided to return home. Their home is in Riverstone, an area northwest of Sydney.

From there, the family of the newborn baby has already started making future plans in terms of his sports activities. “Let’s hope he becomes a footballer or a rower one day, both of which will make his father very happy!” his mother said of the newborn baby and his future.

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