24-Year-Old Mother Gave Birth Twice To Twins Within 3 Years, Without I.V.F

A young mum Nadine Robertson, is 24 and already has five children under the age of five with her eldest daughter Isla, just 4. But the incredible thing is that after Isla, she gave birth to four more children. She had twins twice, even without going through the I.V.F procedure.

Twins Olivia and Ivy were born in 2018, on the same day as their big sister, and newborns Cody and Hazel came into the world just 10 months ago. Neither Nadine nor her husband Phil have a history of twins in their families, so it is difficult for them to explain how they managed to have 2 sets of twins in a normal way.

Describing her day-to-day life, Nadine said, “I just go with the flow to be honest. I wake up and hope that the others will be in a good mood and help me. Every day is pure madness, but I love it.”

The mother says that the routine with five young children is chaotic and that she often draws the attention of strangers when leaving home with her family due to the number of young children. “People are very curious to know if I had any kind of ᴛʀᴇᴀᴛᴍᴇɴᴛ, but I got pregnant all three times naturally”.

“When dealing with children, I improvise every day to be honest,” she said. “I wake up and hope they are in a good mood and help me. Every time I go out with them, someone stops me on the street as soon as they realize there are two babies in the stroller and I have three more small children with me. I always hear some comment.”

In the four-bedroom house where the family lives, the couple sleeps in one room, each twin shares a room with their brother, and the older sister, Isla, has a room all to herself. Although she gets a lot of comments about the family, Nadine doesn’t take it the wrong way. “I know people are just curious and most always have something nice to say about children. It’s been an amazing journey and if I could choose, I would do it all over again in exactly the same way,” she said.

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