20 Vintage Girl Names That Evoke All The Love You Feel For Your Baby

Filled with hope, every mother wants her little princess to grow into a strong and confident individual.

They say that there is no greater love than that of a mother towards her little ones, since it is the purest and most unconditional love that exists and what better than expressing this affection from the moment the children are named? The name of a baby should not be taken lightly and it is possible to give them a very beautiful name that also has a sweet meaning.

If you are looking for unique but stylish names for girls that evoke all the love you feel for your baby, you are in the right place. Here we show you 20 names with their meanings.

  1. Aahana

An elegant and beautiful name, “Aahana” refers to the inner light or first rays of the sun. So, if you want a name that perfectly describes the radiance of your daughter, this is it for you!

  1. Advika

Want a unique name for your daughter, you don’t have to look far. Just go for “Advika”. The name in itself refers to someone who is unique.

  1. Alisha

Every parent wants their daughter to always be under the protection of the almighty himself. You are in luck as this is what the divine and glorious name “Alisha” means.

  1. Hafsa

The Urdu word “Hafsa” means “beautiful”. This was also the name of the wife of Prophet Mohammed.

  1. Amoli

“Priceless” is the first thought that will come to your head when you look at your little girl for the first time. And, this is what the beautiful name means.

  1. Bhuvika

Doesn’t this name sound simple and magnificent? There is a reason for that. It is because the meaning is equally spectacular- “heaven”.

  1. Bishti

You want to keep a name that beautifully describes the “blessing” that your princess is, go for the name “Bishti”. It means “rainfall”.

  1. Chavi

“Chavi” is a gorgeous Indian name that is quite unique and rare. What does the name mean, you ask? It means “reflection”.

  1. Dhuni

We are sure that you might have heard of this name in a number of sacred books. This breathtaking word means “river”.

  1. Eeshana

The root of this name can be traced back to the Sanskrit word Ishwar, which refers to the Supreme Being or God.

  1. Haimi

Want a mysterious and alluring name for your daughter? Go for the name “Haimi”. This word refers to a seeker- someone who is looking for something more than what life presents to her.

  1. Inaaya

Empathy is one characteristic that has been associated with a woman for ages. And, rightly so. Therefore, it won’t be a stretch if you name your little princess “Inaaya”, which means empathy.

  1. Kiara

A name that has recently garnered attention across the country, “Kiara” symbolizes “dark-haired”.

  1. Mahika

Has the magnificence of the early morning dew drops ever left you mesmerized? If yes, then “Mahika” (means: dew drops) is a perfect name for your even more mesmerizing daughter.

  1. Myra

The stunning name that signifies sweetness is truly a catch, isn’t it?

  1. Nadia

A name that sounds truly royal has a beautiful meaning too. The word means “hopeful”.

  1. Pradhi

If you are looking for a simple yet substantial name, this is the one for you. The subtle name “Pradhi” means intelligence.

  1. Shia

Looking for a name that describes your diva’s radiance? Go for the name “Shia” that means bright.

  1. Anastasia

Derived from the name Anastasius, it refers to someone who has the heart of gold.

  1. Amani

This name is a derivative of this Arabic word “Mana”, which literally translates into desire. So, if your girl is the ruler of your heart, you know what to name her.

If your due date is around the corner and you still don’t have a name for her, no need to stress. Just take a pick. Happy motherhood!

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