15 Unusual And Weird Baby Girl Names You’ve Never Heard Of

A name is not only something that grabs one’s attention but it also depicts one’s individuality and identity. We know that choosing a name is hard but it is a vital responsibility of a parent and hence needs utmost attention.

Now, some of these names are very creative. But others are outright weird. Want to learn about the weird girl names floating around? The fun part of it is that your child will have a distinct name as compared to her friends. Check them out right below!

Oceana: Okay, so somebody is a water person and loves the ocean. Is that a good enough reason to name their daughter Oceana?

Pistol: How many people do you know with a name as unique (read – weird) as Pistol? Not many, we are sure! But there are nine little Pistols, who’ll have a tough time finding a job with their name.

Viviana: Viviana is a rare yet cool name for your baby. Viviana is a name derived from Latin and it refers to ‘alive’.

Kale: Another one in the weird baby girl names category. Why, just why would anyone name his or her daughter after a vegetable? Maybe in the hope that she will grow up to be healthy!

Aimee: Your daughter might grow up to be your best friend one day. Aimee is a regal name which means ‘a beloved friend’ in French.

Unique: Everyone wants a unique name for their daughter, and we can understand that sentiment. But the logic behind naming a baby ‘Unique’ is beyond our comprehension. This one is again a weird girl name!

Adina: Let your baby enter the world with good vibes and a name like Adina. Adina is a variant of the Hebrew name Adena which means ‘high hopes’.

Sundae: As in ice cream sundae! Can’t deny the fact that sundaes are an object of desire for this writer, but it is still a weird name!

Bay: Bay is such a weird name one could ever imagine for their baby. Bay is one of the names influenced by nature in recent times.

Disney: Imagining oneself to be a Disney princess one day is a thing for every girl. A name like Disney for sure reminds your baby to live like a princess.

Ceil: If you are looking for a name influenced by nature, then check out Ceil. Ceil is an evocative French name that has a wonderful meaning. Ceil is a short name and refers to ‘sky’.

Shady: The name Shady is, well, a little shady! This one counts in the list of weird names for girls.

Eira: Eira is a short and sweet unique name for your adorable princess. It is a Welsh name that refers to snow.

Maple: Here is a name that is weird yet cool!

Empriss: A girl baby is always daddy’s princess, so how about a wonderful version of the word Empress as a name. Empriss sounds like a perfect name for your little princess.

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