15 Newborn Babies With Luscious Hair That Look Like They Came Out Of The Salon

These kids could be the envy of adult fashionistas. After all, if they had such a head of hair, like these kids, they would have to worry about false curls, hair extensions, or fashionable perms. But even those who are not chasing cool hairstyles are unlikely to be able to hold back a smile when looking at these funny babies who were born with really chic hair.

Apparently, the inspiration for parents who create unusual hairstyles is often animals, like a peacock, a porcupine or a shark fin.

“Every time I think it couldn’t get better, but then another photo comes, and it’s even more beautiful than the previous one,” says Mrs. Wiles.

An unusual hairstyle

This is what classic gentlemen look like

Glamorous chic

You can save money on curlers

The most important fashionista in the house

I’m only three weeks old, and the photo shoots are already making me pretty tired

Why is there so much focus on me?

I’m a little bit like Elvis

Well, I’m such a cutie

Cool styling

Husky kid

Amazing little girl

My stylist is a professional

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