15 Boy Names That Mean Love

Choosing a baby name is never easy. Maybe there are a million names you like and you can’t narrow it down. Or maybe you’re having the opposite problem: nothing sounds right. Sometimes finding a meaning or a feeling to be represented by your baby’s name can narrow it down.

For your little guy, finding boy names that mean love can give you a sweet list of cherished, beloved monikers. There’s a variety of sweet baby boy names that mean love — or have a loving meaning, foundation, or overall vibe – from around the world.

1. Amadeus
Amadeus, a name of Latin origin that simultaneously means “beloved of God” and “lover of God,” was one of the many names famed composer Mozart* went by.

2. Theophilus
The Greek version of Amadeus (or rather, Amadeus is the Latin form of Theophilus, which came first), Theophilus also means both lover and beloved of God. It’s a pretty big name for a little boy, but it’s a good vehicle to call your baby Theo.

3. Beau
Beau is the French word for “handsome,” but in English it has come to mean a young male suitor or beloved person. It has so much spunk.

4. Jedidiah
This Biblical name of Jedidiah comes from Hebrew and means “beloved of the Lord.” I also love Jed as a nickname.

5. Obi
The name Obi comes from Nigeria and is Igbo for “heart.” Obi works as a great standalone name, but is commonly used within a longer name, like Obiajulu (“my heart is at peace”) and Obidike (“stubborn and kind-hearted”).

6. Erasmus
The Greek name Erasmus means “beloved” or “desired.” It’s the chosen name of the Renaissance humanist philosopher/theologian and the patron saint of sailors.

7. Prem
The name Prem comes from Sanskrit and means “lovable” or “affectionate.” It is also a Thai name that means “happy” or “content.”

8. Aziz
The Arabic name Aziz has taken on many meanings, including “powerful,” “darling one,” “respected,” and “beloved.” When prefixed by “Al,” it is one of the names of God given in the Hadith.

9. Corwin
The Irish name Corwin means “heart’s friend.” I love how sweet this one is, and it packs a lot of personality in such a short moniker.

10. Dewey
This Anglicized version of the Welsh name “Dewi,” Dewey retains the same meaning — beloved. It’s a nickname for Dafydd (pronounced “DAV-eth), the Welsh form of the name David.

11. Lennan
Lennan is an Irish name that means “lover” or “sweetheart” and is a fun spin on the more popular “Lenon.” While I’m going to go ahead and guess wee Lennan will have to deal with a lifetime of correcting the spelling of his name, it could be worth it for a name with such a lovely, sweet meaning.

12. Lev
Lev is a name that pops up across cultures. In Russian, it means “lion,” essentially that language’s version of Leo. In Hebrew, however, it means “heart.”

13. Kordian
The name Kordian was first given to the titular character of a play written by Juliusz Słowacki in the 1830s and means “of the heart.” Kordian is considered a Romantic masterpiece.

14. Graziano
The Italian name Graziano, often used as a surname, means “beloved” and “pleasing.”

15. Rhys
The Welsh name Rhys means “ardent” or “passionate.” It is also a name whose etymology has fiery connotations.

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