12 Hilarious Photo Fails Of Kids Meeting The Easter Bunny

Kids are usually super excited to meet the Easter Bunny, but sometimes they freak out a little when it comes time to actually sit down and take a photo with the creature (it also happens in December when kids visit Santa). And honestly, some of the Easter Bunny costumes are pretty frightening, so we can’t blame them.

There are lots of hilariously creepy photos of children with Easter Bunnies. It’s like a parenting rite of passage. Much like the crying Santa Claus photos, the terrified looks of shock Easter Bunny photos are a must.

# It’s safe to say, this baby’s not a fan of the Easter Bunny.

# When you do a double take and the creepy bunny is still there…

# Baby makes his escape from a sad Easter Bunny.

# “Get me out of here, Mom!”

# Who has a closer look: the baby or the Easter Bunny?

# “Is the scary bunny still there?”

# The Easter Bunny was thrilled to meet the baby, but the baby wasn’t quite as happy…

# It’s hard to say what this big brother finds more amusing: Meeting the Easter Bunny or watching his sister totally lose it.

# “You expect me to sit here and be happy about this?”

# The baby did not enjoy their first time meeting the Easter Bunny.

# “Make it stop!” says baby and bunny.

# At least mom is having fun.

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