Premature baby boy who stopped breathing is revived thanks to his parents’ hugs

Jamie Ogg, a premature baby boy who stopped breathing, miraculously came back to life when held in his parents’ arms, grew up healthy and is now 6 years old.

According to the Telegraph , 6 years have passed since the incident happened, until now, the couple Kate and David Ogg in Queensland, Australia, have just told the story of a mother’s love that helped her son miraculously recover and escape. death hand.

After many years of unsuccessful attempts to conceive and many treatments, in 2010, Ogg became pregnant with twins. The joy was not complete when at the 26th week of pregnancy, she suddenly went into labor and gave birth 14 weeks early. The doctor announced that one of the twins had stopped breathing. The medical team tried to treat for 20 minutes, taking measures to reopen the baby’s airway but failed. All hope of saving the child’s life seemed lost.

Receiving news of lightning from the doctor, the mother hugged her child tightly. With the desire for the baby to be warmed by the love of parents, Ogg told her husband to take off his shirt and go to bed to hug both mother and child. At that time, the couple decided to name the baby Jamie. Both warmed the boy and whispered words of love. At the right moment of love and parting, the couple was amazed to see that the baby began to move, breathing stronger. Immediately the hospital staff came to support and the baby miraculously returned to life. Happiness broke out when little Jamie had won over fate.

Ogg recalls: “Receiving the bad news, I took him from the doctors and told everyone to get out. He’s cold and I just want to keep him warm. I just want to hug my baby. I know it might sound silly, but I’m not giving up.” The couple began whispering the child’s name, saying that he had a twin sister lying outside. “If I had been so distressed at that time that he had gone out with the doctors, he probably wouldn’t have lived to this day,” the mother added.

In fact, skin-to-skin contact between mother and newborn right after the baby is born, as Ogg has done, brings many benefits to the health of the baby. This method is used by many mothers effectively.



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