10 Things That Make January Babies Special

January is a month synonymous with promise and renewal. It’s the month of resolutions; we want to become better people!

This is why babies born in January carry this aura of optimism and enthusiasm. If you were born in this first month of the year, read this to see why you are so amazing!

People born in January have a little something extra that makes them special and unique. Funny, but serious when necessary, audacious, but independent, inflexible and at the same time very generous. People born in January are the best friends in the world!

Here’s Why January Babies Are Amazing

1. They are funny

With a baby born in January, we are sure to never be bored! People born in this month have a subtle and contagious sense of humor. They are playful and always seek to bring joy and good humor to those around them. Get ready for hilarious situations!

2. They are cold-blooded

Being born in the winter would bring multiple benefits. According to some Korean studies, being born during a cold period allows you to be less irritable and less prone to mood swings compared to people born during other seasons! Of all the seasons, winter babies tend to have the calmest behavior.

3. They have good general health

Researchers at Columbia University’s Department of Medicine found that babies born in January were not at a disadvantage when it came to contracting diseases. However, another study found a relationship between low sunlight during the later stages of pregnancy and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. So watch out for the sweets, dear January babies!

4. They are creative

According to a study conducted in 2015, people born in January and February are more creative and show more logic in solving problems.

5. They are more likely to become doctors or accountants

General practitioners and accountants are the two most common career paths for January natives. We also found that very few people born in January work in real estate.

6. They make good CEOs

People born during the month of January are hard workers and natural leaders. So it’s hardly surprising to find them in Time magazine’s ranking of birth months that produce the most CEOs! Regardless of their professional background, January natives are driven and lead their teams brilliantly.

7. They are more likely to be left-handed

Researchers from the University of Vienna have revealed that men (but not women) born in November, December and January are more likely to be left-handed. And we recognize several talents in people who are left-handed!

8. They are more likely to be good athletes

Professional sports may be the best avenue for a baby born in January. Australian researcher Adrian Barnett found that a high percentage of professional athletes were born earlier in the year.

9. They are more likely to have an allergy

A Boston study found that children born in the winter are more likely to have an allergic reaction. We think it could be a deficiency problem: studies comparing summer and winter babies suggest that the latter have less vitamin D, which contributes to a strong immune system.

10. Some more information about the natives of the month of January:

Their birthstone is garnet. It is always thought to be red, but garnet is a precious stone that can have several colors. It symbolizes peace, prosperity and health. Their lucky numbers would be 4 and 22.

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