10 Sweet Photos Of Grandparents Meeting Their Newborn Grandchildren

Everyone has cherished memories of their grandparents. When grandparents meet their grandchild, you can expect lots of smiles, happy tears, and baby cuddles galore. And when that first encounter is captured on camera, it creates a priceless memory that the whole family will treasure for years to come.

So, while science has actually proven that the grandparent-grandchild bond is pretty special, a picture is worth a thousand words. See for yourself those wonderful first moments when grandparents met their grandbaby.

  1. Opa & Oma Are All Smiles

Baby Oliver was born in September 2019. Opa and Oma are Dutch for grandpa and grandma. As you can see, Opa and Oma van der Hoek are thrilled to meet this new little man.

  1. Double The Love

DarDar and Pops met their twin grandsons, Luke and Hayes, when they joined the world in January 2020. They’re happy and healthy, and doing newborn things like perfecting their eating and sleeping schedules at home. As their grandma says, “smallwins.”

  1. Pure Joy

There’s no mistaking the elation in this grandmother’s expression as she holds her new grandchild. “She was so genuinely happy and excited!” photographer Kasie Tanner said. “She was making faces and jumping up and down, all the while crying her eyes out. She was the cutest!”

  1. Hearts Officially Stolen

When baby Keana was born, her grandparents traveled from Kona, Hawaii to meet their first grandchild. Judging by their happy faces and phones out for pics, this moment was well worth the trip.

  1. Grandma Looking So In Love

Could little Ethan be any cuter? This April baby was born with the sweetest cheeks, and his grandma was understandably smitten.

  1. Spending Time Together From Day 1

Baby boy Oliver was born in November 2019, and he was welcomed by his grandparents right away! Since then, he has spent lots of time with his Mimi and Papa going to pumpkin patches, celebrating Christmas, and much more.

  1. Let’s Not Forget Great-Grandparents

When Peyton was born, she spent some time in the N.I.C.U before she could be held or discharged from the hospital. But when she got to go home on Thanksgiving Day, her great-grandfather Bill was there to give her all the snuggles he’d saved up in the meantime.

  1. Grandfathering Lessons

This newborn had a big welcome party waiting, including a very special guest. “There were so many people in the room. The entire family piled in after mama gave birth and I looked over through the spaces between people to see great-papa being taught how to hold his first grandbaby,” photographer Kasie Tanner said. “Everybody settled down in the room and cried with him. Me too! So sweet!”

  1. Grace Meets Grace

Timing is everything. “There’ve been a handful of times that I’ve had to stop shooting because the tears wouldn’t stop coming. This was one of those times,” photographer Neely Ker-Fox said.

  1. Swaddled With Love

“Absolutely nothing could wipe the smiles off their faces,” photographer Casey Hendrickson said. “It was truly the sweetest thing to watch them welcome this new boy into their lives.”

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