10 Photos That Show The Incredible Strength It Takes To Give Birth

They say that women are raised for easy things, that they can’t stand pain and that they give up more easily than men in difficult times. Those who say that probably have no idea what pregnancy means and especially childbirth. No matter how a woman gives birth, the strength she needs to exert and the pain she experiences are incomparable to one another!

The following photos of women from the moment of childbirth will shock you. It only lasted a few minutes, but it will be remembered forever.

Breathing and sturdy handles

Patience and endurance

Water birth with her husband by her side

A strong contraction bent her over, but her husband was there

At 36 weeks she was in terrible pains but… she did great!

Self-focus and persistence



This position and the strength of her hands helped her tremendously

All pain for now!

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