10 Awesome Pictures Of Fathers Meeting Their Baby For The First Time

The rush of emotion you experience the first time you see your baby is indescribable – love, relief, fear, and joy course through you in equal measures. The experience almost can’t be explained in words, but these photos of dads meeting their babies for the first time capture the ecstasy and intensity of birth. You have to see the sacred bond of father and child to really understand it.

These images, many of which were submitted to the 2019 Birth Becomes Her Photo Contest, highlight the beautiful and powerful relationship between father and child from the moment the newborn enters their life, providing visual proof of the instant connection when words fail.

  1. Pure Joy

This photo, captured by Alyssa Kapnik Samuel, shows a new father cradling his baby and grinning as widely as he can. The new dad’s overwhelming happiness is contagious.

  1. Tearful & Tired

Just seconds after this baby was born, the hospital team laid this child on his mom’s chest, with his dad looking at his child with tears in his eyes as documented by Lisa Lord of Lilo Photography. It’s a euphoric photo of family bonding, and the father’s tenderness emanates.

  1. Papa Bear

In this photo also captured by Lisa Lord, a father watches over his son as he gets an oxygen treatment just after his birth. Dad wants to be with his little one while doctors treat him, staying by his side as he adjusts to the world.

  1. Love At First Sight

The emotion is palpable in this shot by Ashley of Hello BéBé Full Spectrum Birth Services, where a father looks at his child while his partner holds their new baby just seconds after he or she came into the world. The dad seems close to tears as he angles his body towards his family, and everything about the image conveys how much love this couple has for their little bundle.

  1. First Kiss

This sweet photo, taken by Lisa Lord, highlights a private moment between father and son just minutes after he was born. Dad gently kisses his baby’s fingers, treating him with the utmost care while hospital staff cleans him up. Their faces are turned towards one another, love flowing between father and son.

  1. There You Are

Dad and baby literally reach for each other in this photo captured by Erin Fortney. At this moment, dad only has eyes for his newborn.

  1. Hello Baby!

In this photo taken by Kayla Gonzales of Austin Birth Photos, a father cheers as his partner brings their baby into the world. He has his mouth open in happiness and amazement, his arms are stretched wide as if he’s trying to make room in the world for his little one, and his eyes are locked on the new baby.

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